Science has successfully shown that the human immune system can be enhanced by introducing Immunoglobulin or IgY targeted toward specific pathogens.  The highest concentration of compatible IgY is found in hen eggs.  Our proprietary ability to commercially produce IgY antibodies presents the breakthrough potential to solve some of the most important immune health challenges faced today.

Headquartered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, IGY Immune Technologies and Life Sciences Inc. is leading the way in developing and commercializing antibody-based solutions that will enable improvements in the healthcare, food nutrition, agriculture, dermatological and fitness markets.


Our proprietary technology and processes makes it possible to create immune health ingredients to strengthen and supplement your natural immune system against broad and targeted bacterial, viral and autoimmune ailments.

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Our business is dedicated to becoming the premier IgY ingredient manufacturer and distributor. As such, we welcome the opportunity to build long term business partnerships. We are working on a number of products at various stages of development and interested in working with potential partners across the world with established brands and reach.

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