Research suggests that your immune system can become severely weakened through overtraining. Athletes know that when training volume and intensity goes beyond your capacity to recover, it may contribute to poor athletic performance and increase the likelihood of illnesses. An optimized immune system helps improve sports performance and reduce the downtime that often comes with intense physical exercise.

Optimize Immune Health. Improve Performance. Reduce Recovery Times


Vector450's cutting-edge technology  balances and supports the immune system. Unlike other IgY based products which have high levels of fat, odor, taste and other impurities, Vector450, using a patented extraction process allows it to have the highest concentration of pure IgY antibodies commercially available. This means longer shelf life and greater flexibility in product applications. IgY can be integrated into foods and beverages, combined with other health formulations and supplements.


Our unique higher purity ingredient through a proprietary technology can be privately labeled   supplements or be combined with other branded health formulations.



> Helps increase energy levels & decrease stress levels

> Enhanced athletic performance, stamina and recovery

> Reduced stress on the heart

> Improved exercise recovery times

> Enhanced muscle repair

> Potential for greater levels of anaerobic & aerobic activity







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