IgY offers a proven safe and natural approach from cleansing and improving the complexion of skin and hair to targeting specific major market challenges like acne.


Immunoderm Y


IGY Life Sciences has developed an antibody- tailored program under the ImmunoDerm Y brand specific for the prevention of acne skin infections caused by “propionibacterium acnes”.


ImmunoDerm Y is able to control and prevent acne of all types because it destroys the bacterium that is common among all forms of acne.


Unlike other IgY based products which have high levels of fat and other impurities, ImmunoDerm Y™, using a patented extraction process allows it to have the highest concentration of pure IgY antibodies commercially available. This means longer shelf life and greater flexibility in product applications from cleansers to creams.


The ingredient can be manufactured as a powder or liquid and can be applied to various products such as existing acne products, cosmetic creams and lotions.







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