Focusing on the immune system is a natural evolution against disease. Medical science is recognizing the importance of strengthening innate immune systems and reducing reliance on antibiotics.

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The KEY to lifelong immune health


Antibodies or Immunoglobulins are THE KEY to your immune system functioning properly and optimally. They are the most natural, direct and practical method of enhancing the body’s own ability to fight off bacteria or viral borne illnesses that make up 80% of the diseases humans face on a daily basis. Unfortunately chemicals in our diet, environmental stressors, and other factors including simply getting older deplete our body’s ability to produce Immunoglobulins to fight disease, leading to a greater dependency on antibiotics and other medicines.




We developed Muno-IgY to enhance the human body’s natural immune system through direct supplementation of antibodies. Muno-IgY is a cost-effective concentrated source of immunoglobulins which have been isolated and purified from hen eggs using IGY Immune Technologies & Life Sciences patented proprietary processes.


Muno-IgY is available in a general form ideal as daily supplements and as a functional food ingredient for branded foods and drinks.


Anti-aging health benefits

> Balances and supports the immune system

> Helps to maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system

> Helps to maintain digestive-tract health

> Helps to modulate autoimmune responses of the body

> Helps to maintain flexible and healthy joints

> Helps to increase energy level

> Helps to enhance a sense of well being and lowers stress

> Proven effective in oral care


The essential ingredient for today’s leading consumer products

> General dietary daily supplement

> General immune health supplement for infants and seniors

> Functional foods and beverages

> Sports supplements, foods and beverages

> Pharmaceutical applications

> Cost effective and shelf stable






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