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Houston, Texas, March 8, 2016– IGY Life Sciences is pleased to announce their new research and office space on site at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS), a new state-of-the-art incubator  in Houston, Texas called JLABS @ TMC. At the facility, the Company will continue its focus on completing a new Universal Influenza Nasal Spray using antibodies that have been extracted from egg yolk.


IGY will be located right in the heart of the Texas Medical Centre (TMC) complex.  TMC is now the world’s largest research park with over a 1,000 clinical trials being conducted at any given time.


Being a part of the new JLABS @ TMC facility represents a very important step for us. With millions of dollars of high tech lab equipment usually out of reach for companies of our size, we can focus on moving our innovative technology closer to commercialization”, says Terry Dyck, President & CEO of IGY Life Sciences.


The failure of many bio-tech start-ups happens in the early stage with high costs for regulated lab space and advanced equipment necessary to move from proof-of-concept into a completed commercial product. At JLABS @ TMC, we will have access to lab, private and collaborative spaces as well as onsite support needed to handle all the logistics of operating lab space, while removing many barriers allowing us to focus on our science.


Huan Nguyen, PhD will lead a team working toward human trials for the new Universal Influenza Nasal Spray which uses his novel approach to eliminating all forms of influenza.


“Our Universal Influenza IgY antibody will eliminate the need for reformulating the flu shot every year. It will become an important asset in both preventing influenza outbreaks and eliminating hospitalization due to a disease that kills tens of thousands of individuals each year”, Huan Nguyen, Director of Science & Clinical Development, IGY Life Sciences.


IGY Life Sciences maintains unique extraction technology that allows for the purification of IgY antibodies from egg yolks. By immunizing hens toward a targeted pathogen, the technology allows for specific antibodies to be produced toward a wide range of bacterial, viral or fungal diseases. The Universal Influenza project is one of several targets the company is focused on and is a project that has received financial support from the U.S. National Institute of Health.


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