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We offer the first scalable commercial production process for immunoglobulin extracted from hen eggs. Our superior production processes provides game changing advantages in price, quality and production volumes. We believe this will encourage high volume use of IgY across our market segments.

The uniqueness of our leading edge technology continues to attract highly respected companies, scientists and professionals each seeking to be a part of the innovative solutions we can offer.  We are highly selective in the joint venture opportunities we choose to participate in. Our focus is on partnership activities that will take on the most significant global challenges and can make a scalable impact in each our market segments.


Our current partner relationships include existing natural health & wellness product companies looking to expand their product lines; companies that are looking for natural additives that will allow them to promote additional health benefits for their existing food and beverage products;  cosmetics manufacturers; and producers of immunological products targeted at livestock.


Non-specific IgY antibodies are available to industry sectors under non-exclusive arrangements. For select cases, we can develop and manufacture customized IgY solutions with specific antibodies and varying concentration levels exclusively for our B2B Partners. Partners will benefit from the high barrier to entry and significant market dominance


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Samples of non-specific IgY antibodies are available for purchase for research purposes.  If you are interested in collaborating with IGY immune Technologies, please fill in the form below:


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