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There is a high incidence of animal disease in the agricultural market. By introducing specific IgY to livestock we have the ability to support a stronger and safer food network.


We are working on solutions to help to reduce economic losses to food supplies and in the prevention of suffering and death of vital agricultural livestock caused by pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

African Swine Fever2022-08-02T19:54:20+00:00

Program: ASF
Stage: Discovery

African Swine Fever (ASF) is lethal hemorrhagic disease in domestic and wild pigs. It is caused by ASF Virus (ASFV). Polyclonal antibodies IgY are designed to target entire virus particles, the viral proteins expressed upon natural infection and host factors that are involved in pathogenesis of ASF. ASFV-IgY could be used for a short-term prevention and treatment of ASF.

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