Terry Dyck

President, Chief Executive Officer

Terry is an accomplished entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in retail and institutional sales. In highly competitive markets, he earned several awards for his portfolio management as a stockbroker, options trader, and fund manager. Terry, and a small group of investors, purchased the IgY separation technology and patents from IRI Separation in 2010 and he became the founding member, President and CEO of IGY Immune Technologies & Life Sciences. He has attracted several high-profile scientists who have seen the opportunity to advance their scientific discoveries using the extraction and purification platform. Terry has brought over $35M in value to the Company since inception, as well as expanding the intellectual property portfolio with several new IgY patent applications. In 2020, he spearheaded the new, state-of-the-art Research and Development laboratory for IGY Life Sciences. He has led the company in its pursuit of new applications that will drive revenue and growth. Terry’s mission is to bring affordable IgY antibodies to the global market by focusing on innovative solutions across animal and human health markets.

David Fyhrie


David Fyhrie is a Director with IGY Life Sciences based in Chicago, Illinois with a particular focus in upper Midwest states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana. He has expertise in Sales and Marketing and is focused on introducing Vector450 to leaders in athletic markets; particularly pro triathletes and pro ironman men and women. Currently, he has connected with five pros who are sampling the product; two have won a long course Ironman. Prior to IGY, David worked for two years at Argonne National Laboratory, a world famous basic science laboratory with over 1,000 scientists. David was the Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist for sourcing and selecting top scientific and engineering talent. Prior to that David owned a search and recruiting firm for 10 years with specialization in IT and logistics fields for subject matter experts, managers and directors. David previously worked for United Airlines and JP Morgan Chase as a professional and managerial recruiter.  He has a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. He lives in Wheaton, Illinois a suburb of Chicago with his wife Danelle, a grade schoo