Applications Biologics and Pharmaceuticals
Source Chicken eggs from immunized hens targeting specific pathogen(s)
Health Outcomes Immune enhancement and disease mitigation

IgY antibodies created to target specific antigens are intended to have a localized, highly target-specific, predictable, and efficient antigen-antibody interaction. Antigens can be complex antigens from viruses, bacteria or parasites or single antigens from proteins, polysaccharides, peptides, and nucleic acids.  For example, IgY antibodies can minimize the resistance seen with the use of antibiotic use to treat bacterial infections since the IgY antibodies are directed to specific and usually multiple antigens on the bacteria, which require multiple genes for their synthesis and it is, therefore, difficult for the bacteria to mutate to become resistant to the IgY antibodies. Specific IgY antibodies have also been used to diagnose viral, bacterial, parasitic infections as well as cancers through targeting of specific antigens.

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