The breakthrough ingredient for differentiation and leadership in the immune health category

The first and only line of high purity IgY protective antibodies, to balance your body’s incredible innate immune system.

Muno-IGYTM is a 100% natural set of protein antibodies extracted from hen egg yolks. These antibodies, called IgY (or Immunoglobulin-Y), are very similar to our own human IgG protective antibodies, largely the result of our common evolutionary path.

Where probiotics can help to restore good bacteria in the gut, IgY latches onto, and removes pathogens at the gut level, thereby alleviating stress on the overall system and supporting the body’s natural defense systems.

The key to lifelong immune health.

Antibodies or Immunoglobulins are vital to your immune system functioning properly and optimally. They are the most natural, direct and practical method of enhancing the body’s own ability to fight off bacteria or viral borne illnesses that make up 80% of the diseases we are confronted with. Unfortunately chemicals in our diet, environmental stressors, and other factors such as simply getting older can deplete our body’s ability to produce Immunoglobulins to fight disease. This leads to a greater dependency on antibiotics and other medicines.

We developed Muno-IgYTM as a general consumer immune ingredient and for health and wellness companies offering solutions to people choosing to take a proactive, preventative approach to maintaining long-term immune health.

Product Profile

Natural and safe – extracted from Canadian eggs
Cost effective and shelf stable
Low colour, taste, and texture profile
No preservatives
Available in powder format

Product Applications

General dietary daily supplements from infants to seniors
Sports nutrition supplements
Functional foods and beverages
Pet health products

Rooted in 125+ years of a growing body of knowledge and 600+ studies.

Scientists and researchers have studied IgY since 1893. There are over 600 studies on PubMed alone. The scientific knowledge on the benefits of IgY is not new – our technology is.

In recent decades IgY has been gaining more and more scientific attention as a passive immune fighter due to its versatility and effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, and a long list of positive implications related to gut health such as for chronic disease, allergies, digestive and care.

Mechanism of Action

Muno-IgYTM works by coating the GI tract with IgY antibody proteins. When a foreign pathogen such as a bacteria or virus enters the tract, IgY binds to that specific pathogen agent and prevents it from getting a foothold in the GI Tract. The pathogen is then flushed out of the body in the feces.

Chicken hen antibodies offer advantages over traditional ones (e.g. rabbit antibo